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I am a genealogy enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in assisting others complete their family trees. I love helping others complete their own personal ancestory. I specialize in Research and Data Entry with an emphasis on Southern Research. I am vailable for Lectures on numerous topics and am always open to creating a class on a new Subject. I am a Member of the DAR, the DUP and Acting Vice President of the SCGA


The Learning Curve and Genealogy Seminars

Over the years I have heard various friends state that they really didn't need to go to any more seminars or classes because they had already learned everything they needed to know to complete their research. How sad, there is always something new you can learn no matter what area you research in. This past week I took the opportunity to go to the Family History Exposition in Redding California and today I redid my igoogle pages so that I could accomplish more in a shorter time. Not only did I learn something new about using my computer but I also learned about the best genealogy blogs, the newest data programs, and new resources for the state of Virginia. All in all it was a good weekend. Not only did I learn something new but my non genealogist husband is very excited about scanning and repairing our old photos. He may not have caught the genealogy bug but he did catch the picture bug and is excited to use a program I have had sitting around for a couple of years called Heritage Collector Suite by LifeStory Productions. He attended all of their classes and this evening we will sit down install the program and add sound to some of our older photos. It is always a challenge to try new things but my research is now organized on my genealogy tab of my Igoogle page. My photo's are going to get organized and we had fun together. What more could I ask for. I don't think we stop learning unless of course we want to. It may take me a little longer to figure things out then when I was younger but there is always something new to learn. So go to those seminars, take the classes offered by your local society and continue to learn. Your research will improve and your mind will continue to be taxed. After all isn't life a learning experience and none of us will ever learn everything we need to know.

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