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I am a genealogy enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in assisting others complete their family trees. I love helping others complete their own personal ancestory. I specialize in Research and Data Entry with an emphasis on Southern Research. I am vailable for Lectures on numerous topics and am always open to creating a class on a new Subject. I am a Member of the DAR, the DUP and Acting Vice President of the SCGA


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With a new year comes change, please join me at my new web site address http://www.katsmountain.com


The joy of wickless candles

I love the wickless candles in my home. Living in the mountains is always a challenge and learning to deal with the hazards of fires has been a high priority. Not only must the land be cleared around the house but the house itself needed to be as fireproof as possible. So when I discovered that I could enjoy the luxury of candles in my home without a flame I was really happy. Not only is there no flame but I found that having Scentsy Candle warmers made my house smell good longer than ordinary candles and for less money. I love the new fall burners and the holiday fragrances. My husband especially likes the cinnamon fragrances and the advantages that come with just turning the warmer on and off. Even better I don't have to worry about fires and the wax can be used more than once. To take advantage of the great winter offers and make your gift giving a breeze this Christmas season view my website at Katsmountain.scentsy.us I would love to be your scensty consultant.