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I am a genealogy enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in assisting others complete their family trees. I love helping others complete their own personal ancestory. I specialize in Research and Data Entry with an emphasis on Southern Research. I am vailable for Lectures on numerous topics and am always open to creating a class on a new Subject. I am a Member of the DAR, the DUP and Acting Vice President of the SCGA



Using the Internet to do your genealogical research has become a very real factor in today’s world of technology. Going on line can lead you to online database records, card catalogs for various libraries throughout the world, how to articles, genealogical supplies and records for purchasing, historical articles, maps and the list goes on and on. One of greatest blessing that has come to many genealogists who use the Internet is the ability to make quick contact with other people who are working on your family.
It has long been an important part of good genealogical research to keep and research log of where you have looked and what you have found. It is a common practice whenever you go to a new repository to make a list of what you have looked at and your results. Then the Internet came along. I often see people in Family History Centers researching the same places for the same names time and time again because they didn’t stop and take the time to keep a research log of where they had surfed and what they had found. Not only is this step important for keeping a record of where you have looked but it also gives you a reference point for where to start again. It doesn’t hurt to go back periodically and do a repeat search because something new may have been added.
How often do you find yourself up until late hours of the night finding all kinds of information and then the next time you set down to work not remembering where it was you found that really cool web site. I have found it helpful to have a plan when I go on line. Not only does it save time while I am working but it also keeps me from making constant research do overs. For this reason I have decided that a research log for the Internet is a must. Whether you use your own or the one found at the end of this article doesn’t really matter but that you do learn to use one is.
On my personalized sheet I have tried to list the more popular sources including; Census research which can be done through Ancestry. . I have also listed several sites that can be used for a subscription fee. Many of these are worth looking at and depending on the area you are working in you might want to consider a few of them. Because I believe that genealogy is not only a science but also a quest for the history of my ancestors I have also included a couple of websites just for fun.
Whenever I sit down to do research on the Internet I now try to narrow my search down to no more than 4 families at a time. With each hit I either copy and past information into a computer log and data base or I make copies and attach it to my sheet for further examination later. Researching on the Internet is not only fun but also a very useful tool that should not be overlooked. So next time you set down to surf the net with your family names try using a research log.

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1930 ,1920,1910,1900,1880,1870,1860, 1850

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